• Our Next Chapter: Simply Measured Acquired by Sprout Social

      780440 Today, I’m extremely proud to announce Simply Measured has been acquired by Sprout Social. As Sprout’s CEO and Cofounder, I’ve long admired Simply Measured and their approach to technology and innovation, so we are excited to welcome their passionate, talented team members and unique tools to Sprout.

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    • Why Social Marketers Need to Understand the Funnel (And How)

      Social media continues to evolve, and sophisticated organizations have moved beyond existing on social to measuring progress and optimization techniques. According to a recent Gartner report: Marketing leaders recognize that social analytics tools are a critical component of their marketing stack. There is increasing parity in the social analytics market.

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    • Why It’s Essential to Track Your Content

      You’re paid to make an impact, not figure out if you’re making an impact. So, why go through the effort of tracking your content on its journey across social and the web? Here’s Why Let me tell you about the person who taught me the best digital marketing lesson I’ve ever received. For starters, he doesn’t know I’m writing about him, so let’s just call him Ryan.

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  • 4 Fresh Ways to Think About Targeting on Social

    25601440 On February 15th, we hosted our Data & Drinks event, starring a panel of social media experts from a wide variety of industries. In Seattle? Love Social? Join us today for #DataAndDrinks. https://t.co/F1M4eZNFO0 pic.twitter.com/HghgcXlnZQ — Simply Measured (@simplymeasured) February 15, 2018 The theme of the night was finding and engaging your audience on social.

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  • 7 Ways to Engage Your Social Media Audience

    25601440 One of the most challenging parts of being a social media marketer is creating effective content that resonates with your audience each and every time. With 81% (and climbing) of small and medium businesses using social media for marketing, it’s hard to stand out and capture your audience’s attention enough to keep them coming back, especially when Facebook’s algorith ...

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  • How to Use Social Media Listening to Identify Likely Buyers

    833468 As social marketers, we’re always looking for new approaches to identify and reach likely buyers. Which social networks do our likely buyers use most? Which kind of messaging and CTA’s will resonate with them? What do they care about, and how does your brand’s offerings fit into that equation? Here’s how using a social media listening solution can help.

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  • How to Build Your Social Marketing Personas

    833468 Senior Social Strategy Consultant Brooke Andersen and I recently appeared on a webinar about targeting your audience effectively on Instagram. A huge portion of the webinar focused on setting a strong foundation by building out social marketing personas for your brand. If you missed it, here’s the step-by-step process—along with the webinar recording at the bottom.

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  • 5 Action Items for Social Marketers in 2018

    640300 Social marketers typically serve as a hub within a company, fielding one-off requests and meeting external needs while attempting to maintain their own campaigns and content calendars with social-specific goals. No big deal, right? Creative Campaign Booster Kit Download Just kidding. Here are five ways you can take action in 2018 and beyond to gift yourself a littl ...

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  • Why You Should Care Who Your Instagram Audience Is

    25601440 As marketers, we get excited about creative projects that let us play around and have fun in the space—but there are times where this creativity misses the mark because we don’t have all the facts. We don’t understand our audience well enough. 2018 Social Media Marketing Planning Guide Download Until you have the data that helps you identify who your audience is a ...

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  • People Don’t Want Brands to Take a Stand on Social…And Other Myths

    25601440 There are a lot of myths about how people want to see brands behave on social, many of which the new Sprout #BrandsGetReal study debunks. Sprout Social surveyed more than 1,000 U.S. consumers to better understand how people want brands to communicate their position and engage in conversations on political and social issues. Here are some of the biggest myths that the study debunks. 1.

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  • 5 Lessons to Help You Select the Best Influencers

    25601440 At WHOSAY, we recently hosted Jana Kramer for coffee and conversation in Bentonville, Arkansas for a discussion about the relationship with her fans, life as a busy mom, and what she looks for when working with brands. Jana Kramer is an American actress and country music singer. She is known for her role as Alex Dupre on the television series One Tree Hill.

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  • By the Numbers: Which Big Game Ads Won on Social?

    25601440 This isn’t a blog post. It’s a #TideAd. You can tell by how fresh it is….Even though I’m forced to call it The Big Game. Is every ad a #TideAd? You tell me. #SBLII #SB52 pic.twitter.com/APioF9SYCd — David Harbour (@DavidKHarbour) February 5, 2018 Yesterday, the biggest brands in the U.S.

    Kevin Shively/ Simply Measured- 10 readers -
  • 5 Ways to Promote Your Event on Social Media

    25601440 The proof is in the pudding: event marketing packs major value for businesses, including new referrals, quality leads, deal closures, and upsell and cross-sell opportunities. In a special report by Event Marketing Institute and Mosaic, nearly all consumers surveyed said they felt more inclined to make a purchase after attending an event, and 95% of marketing professi ...

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  • How to Build a Better Brand on Social Media

    25601280 2018 Social Marketing Budget Guide Download Our webinar The 30-Day Social Marketing Transformation Plan asked social marketers to rethink their strategies, start at the very beginning (solid goal-setting and wise success metrics-choosing), and take the transformation process step-by-step, instead of trying to do it all at once.

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  • How Sprout Social Helped Me Become a Better Social Media Manager

    25601340 As you probably know, something exciting happened at the end of last year. Thanks for the warm welcome, @sproutsocial! Excited to be a part of the family. A post shared by Simply Measured (@simplymeasured) on Dec 6, 2017 at 11:58am PST We were acquired by Sprout Social! Since we were acquired, I’ve had access to Sprout’s amazing publishing tool.

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  • Facebook’s Algorithm Change: What Social Marketers Should Do About It

    25601340 By now, you have heard that Facebook’s algorithm is changing. Post by zuck. This news can be particularly devastating for marketers and small businesses with low budgets. Organic reach on Facebook pages is about to plummet and it is going to be harder to reach the audience you have probably spent years building.

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  • 5 Strategies to Get More Instagram Followers

    25601340 Whatever your goals are for Instagram, whether lofty (Drive web traffic! Get to 1 million in engagement by EOY!) or rudimentary (Start a brand account and post at least weekly! Start an influencer program!), you benefit from increasing your follower count. Increasing your follower count leads to big downstream impact, like increased audience engagement, awareness, and web conversions.

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